Where is the lead function located on an iPad?  I cannot find where i can create a lead, i can only create a deal.  Is this function not available for an iPad?  Can you ADD "Lead" where the dropdown is where you can add activities? Also, when i look at my organization view from my PC, i can see the organizations, won deals, lost deal, activities, etc.  It only shows my organizations from my tablet.  I would like to have this information view from my tablet.

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    Hi @Tina Orlowski 

    In case you're using the mobile app on the ipad that comes from the app store, unfortunately the leads area is not live there yet. It's in our future plans though.

    For now the only way to use it, is on the mobile browser or on the desktop/laptop.

    Regarding your organization view, this is a similar situation, the full functionality from desktop unfortunately isn't a 100% available in the mobile app.