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Great Interaction with Pipedrive support yesterday. I was typing up an internal note but I figured to share. I am thinking of putting all my pipedrive notes on posts so I can have everything in one place and share a little bit of knowledge.

Mailigen syncbot to pipedrive supports - 
The options are that you can:

  1. - Create an activity on the persons contact page in PD if:
  2. - They open x amount of campaigns
  3. - They are sent x amount of campaigns
  4. - They click x amount of links in a campaign sent
  5. - The email campaign bounces
  6. Create a deal for the persons contact in PD if:
  7. - They open x amount of campaigns
  8. - They click x amount of links in a campaign sent
  9. Add a note to the contact record in PD when:
  10. - When the subscriber opens campaign email
  11. - When the subscriber clicks on a link in email
  12. - When an email is sent to the subscriber
  13. - When an email bounces


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    Thank you for sharing this @John Shelburne ! It's very generous of you and right in the Community spirit 😎 

    I've taken the liberty to tag your post with some additional relevant topics to give it more visibility. Keep them coming 🚀

  • Suzanne Van de Ven
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    While I like these options, I'd add that it would be very helpful to have the option to add the email engager in Mailigen to Leads Inbox in PD as an additional option. Also recommend being able to customize the activity option to create a call for example if they open X email 3 times. Right now how it's set up is based on unique opens and I'm interested in total opens.  My team is interested if someone opens that one email 3 times or clicks 1 time to alert the team with the appending of some type of alert to the contact or add them to leads inbox or create an activity. 

    I spoke with Gints about this today and will share with Jana on Monday. 

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