Two-way calendar sync problem

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Hi all!

I enabled two-way sync with my Outlook and  suddenly facing the problem, that all internal meetings scheduled with outlook are added to Pipedrive as activities. I find it quite annoying, because deleting an activity in pipedrive e.g. daily kick-off, automatically sends a cancellation via outlook.

Do you have any hints how to overcome this?:/ 

Thanks in advance!!



  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @George 

    If you doubt you can double check with our in-app support chat before going on with this, but what you can do is split up you calendar between internal and external meetings in Outlook. Then you can continue to just sync the Outlook external calendar to Pipedrive.

    Be sure that before you start removing stuff from Pipedrive you don't want removed from Outlook you disconnect the calendar sync. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jan Pieter Versluijs
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    +1 here

    I normally used the one-way sync.

    Now I wanted to start using the scheduler, for which I need to exclude existing meetings from my calendar. However, I believe there is no way to do so without 2-way syncing them and having my whole calendar filling up my Pipedrive activities.

    Too bad because the scheduling part of Pipedrive is starting to look really nice.

    Any advise on this one @Mike van der Valk ?

    Else I keep on using Calendly for now.

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