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Whether you’re a sales rep or a manager, everyone can learn how to use Pipedrive. Pipedrive Academy features CRM training videos and tutorials to help you level up your CRM and sales skills, from quick CRM courses to in-depth tutorials on specific features. Use these CRM training videos to boost productivity and learn everything you need.




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    Lots of great resources in the academy for myself as a manager and pipedrive admin - much appreciated!

    However, I was wondering if you have a dedicated section for new sales reps who haven't worked in Pipedrive previously. A crash course if you so will that explains the basics and demonstrate most basic functionalities. 

    The "Get started with the basics" ( has sections like "Invite your team and start selling" or "Import Data" and "Marketplace" which isn't really applicable if you are a new sales rep.

    So what I'm looking for are video(s) I can send to a new hire in sales to give them a good intro to how Pipedrive works. 

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