Overlapping Contact view over Activity list - Contact history closes after marking activity as done,

I really like the new visualisation when working in the activities list. When you click on the contact person's name, the history with this person will open, overlapping the activity list, so that the latter is still visible.  Makes for great overview!  BUT when you mark the last activity as "done", the history of the contact closes and so does the entry on the activities list. So if you wanted to add something or use the history as reference, you have to go back and look up that contact - losing the time you just won with this new feature. Would be great it the contact history would simply stay open until closed by the user.

Mariana from the support team was really helpful and listened closely. Let's show the dev team that this new idea can be improved. I really like it in general!

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    Thank you so much for your detailed feedback @PT_Philip Lebeau , it helps us make Pipedrive better!

    I have forwarded it internally and made sure that the team takes it into consideration in future developments. In the meantime, here’s how to get notified about what’s coming down the line:

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