Real Estate Agent - getting started

Hey guys,


Very new to PD - just trying to make sure it's the right CRM for me. The below is ultimately what I want to use it for.

Tracking my deals pipelines I seem to get the hang of but here are a few points I'm missing

how do you connect your contacts with their properties?

IE Harry Smith owns 123 Smith Street, Toorak which is a 4 bed 3 bath 2 car house on 7,500sqft of land

 and your buyers with those properties?

John Bogas is looking for a property that is 3+ Bed 2+ bath 2+ car on 7,000sqft - 10,000sqft - how do I do a search so that 123 Smith Street should come up?

I'm really trying to get PD to work because I can see the benefit and how it links in with lots of other places. 


Also how do you quickly add contacts that you may meet at an open home?

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