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It would be very valuable for companies that have to handle common email addresses such as sales@company, marketing@company, support@company and they have multiple agents. 

If there would be a possibility to add such email addresses to Pipedrive Mail where for example all Sales Reps could automatically see a tab with sales@company address and respond to inquires as sales@company or themselves making sure that other Reps will see in the same tab but on their accounts which inquiries from sales@company were responded and which weren't. 

There's a feature like that available in HubSpot and it's called HubSpot Inbox. I bet all migrants from HubSpot woule like to have this possibility in Pipedrive.


  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Matt 

    Great suggestion, passing it on to our email team. For now there are third party apps in our marketplace that can do this like Front and a few others.

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    Following on this thread rather than creating another.  

    We are very deterred by the 'option' of paying $60+USD/month for Front, when all we want to do is be able to sync a Shared Inbox (Google Workspaces) to Pipedrive.  

    Use case is 2 sales admin users need to view 1 inbox of deal emails. Using a email address and sharing the log in credentials isn't best practice, nor advised by Google, but is the only option Pipedrive support has said would work as Shared Inboxes isn't supported by Pipedrive Mail. 

    Having multiple sales or admin staff view the same inbox (and preferably assign emails, like can be done in Google, and I hear HubSpot as well) is a key requirement for Sales teams, and I'm surprised Pipedrive doesn't already offer something here.

    Any suggestions or insight as to dev plan from Pipedrive team?

    All I can think of if we want to use the Shared Inbox is the BCCing feature, for any email we want to link to a Deal. An annoying manual effort increasing risk of error.

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    Any news on this issue (support for Exchange shared inbox) ?

    Do you publish a roadmap for the product? Critical for us.

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    Hi @Matt 

    Great suggestion, passing it on to our email team. For now there are third party apps in our marketplace that can do this like Front and a few others.

    any movement on this 

  • Saša Batovanja
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    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to share our progress on this topic. We understand that a shared inbox would streamline the communication between multiple channels and would bring much clarity to omni-channel user experience, so we're currently exploring all the possibilities before adding general shared inbox into our roadmap.

    However, we've been further exploring a Customer Support problem space in more detail and we're currently working on our first version of shared inbox for customer support. This will allow our customers to manage all their customer support communication channels and associated tickets from a single place.

    That being said, we're currently looking for customers who would like to participate in alpha testing of our first version of customer support shared inbox, that will be released at the course of Q3 2022. If you would like to participate, please reach out to me directly via email on

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    Pipedrive is a sales CRM, right? We've needed a share sales inbox forever, but it seems that customer support is getting some priority for a shared inbox - pretty disappointing.

    I'm not entirely sure why this isn't default behavior in all sales CRM systems. As soon as a company graduates from one person who handles inbound sales to two people, a shared inbox is essential. How do people deal with a email address otherwise? Pipedrive does not even let sales-person-2 respond to an email sent to sale-person-1 from a deal they've been assigned. It's crazy to me.

    So if you want to use your CRM to receive and send emails, and have more than one person handling sales (like all companies who benefit most from CRM), Pipedrive does not do you any favors.

    A system like Groove support handles this beautifully: customer send email to, agent1 takes ownership of email and sends response. Agents 2, 3, etc can see that it was handled by agent1 and look for the next email. Why would we do sales any other way?

  • Jay Graves
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    There was a beta for "Shared Inbox" announced last October. Any word on the status of this as a releasable feature in Pipedrive? We either need this or have to start looking at an integration with a third-party app.

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    there is another thread for this at

    i'd also be curious for shared mailbox support

    it really sucks that microsoft is adding features to a major communications platform millions of people use , and then nobody cares

    even apple osx mail does not yet support shared mailboxes. how ignorant. and no wonder that everybody is moving to outlook and outlook4web

  • mario-letsteq
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    hello, interested by the beta

  • Ricardo Baroni Rodrigues

    Hello, this is fundamental to us.

    During the Product Talk vol2 presentation from June 2023 it was mentioned that this was expected to be launched in Nov 2023. Any updates @Pipedriveadmin when this is expected to launch?

    As the others, I'm willing to Beta test it and help with anything we can.

    Thanks, Ricardo.

  • Dan Heck
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    Interested in this shared inbox as well for 2 years now. Currently using Hiver which integrates really nice with Gmail. The PD Gmail app is SLOW, which is also frustrating. We do love Hiver. Would like it all to place nice with PD.

  • Mario from

    @Saša Batovanja could you please invite me to the alpha or beta test. Your message is from 2022, so maybe there is a solution now?