Understanding leads

Hi all, newbie here, using Essential plan.

I think the leads section is a good idea.  It helps you keep your pipeline clean and manageable.  Having said that, I'm having some difficulties trying to work with PD's leads implementation:

  • It's very important for us to understand why some leads don't turn into deals, but there's no way to create reports on leads in PD.  I need to know how many leads do not progress because it's not the right time, or because  they are not our target customer, etc.
  • Leads list can get really big.  It looks like custom filters are not possible in leads, so it would be difficult to manage.  I tried using labels as a workaround but: labels are lost when leads convert to deals and cannot be imported either.

This would be an ideal workflow for us:  We talk to a lead;  they are not ready to buy yet.  We mark the lead conveniently, schedule a new call in 6 months and this lead gets out of our active inbox.  This "not ready yet" will show in our weekly report of bad leads.

I tried working with an additional pipeline for leads and not using the leads section.  It's confusing, prone to errors (adding deals in the wrong pipeline) and you lose the nice inbox style in the leads section.

Can you suggest other ways to do this?

Is it that the leads part is not fully implemented yet?.  If so, when will it be ready?




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