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Hi Team, 

The Contextual View BETA for Activities is such a good tool, Are there plans to have it running in the Deals Tab under List View? As this would give a massive boost to sales activities in prospecting periods?





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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Ryan Coles 

    I believe this is the plan in the long run! We're currently working on the leads area for it and hopefully we can roll it out further without too long of a wait. Happy you like it! 

  • Almonzer Eskandar
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    @Ryan Coles  it is indeed our intention to roll it out in other lists such as the Deal List, People List, and Organisation List. Currently, we are still getting feedback and improving what we built for Activities before rolling any further. 

  • Ryan Coles
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    Hi Team, 

    Glad to hear it and look forward to the full version as the BETA is great.