Feature request: allow date ranges to be passed in filter URL's

Argh. I've been sending public filter URL's to our users to get them to clean up data (particularly Activities not linked to Organizations) and they have been reporting "but we are done!".  However, it finally dawned on me that the date scope doesn't pass in the URL. So they were on "To Do" and saw nothing.

We either need an "all records" button (which I cannot find) or the ability to pass the date range in the URL. Thanks for your consideration.

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    Thank you for your input @Jay Graves !

    I suggest including the date interval in the conditions of the filter itself. If you want to catch every user's activities, also add the condition Activity > Assigned to user > Is not empty.

    That being said, the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again. Speaking of which, here’s how to get notified about what’s coming down the line: