New Mailigen feature suggestions

I've used a few different email systems during my marketing career and picked up a few features that I think would be useful for Mailigen users. Most relate to syncing with Pipedrive:

  • First name merge field - Have a merge field option that uses only the first name from Pipedrive contacts' rather than the full name.
  • Custom default tag - In the event some data hasn't been populate in Pipedrive, it would be useful to add a custom default word eg if the name of a contact hasn't been added to the record in Pipedrive, I would add a default word "customer".
  • Automatic resend - If a customer doesn't open the email, Mailigen would resend the email one more time automatically after a week or two of not being opened.

I'm new to Mailigen so some of these ideas may have been addressed already, and understand there ways to by pass them using custom fields and automation workflows but they often take a while to set up.

I'll be sure to share other ideas when I think of anything else.

Many thanks


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