Product Forecast planning deficiency

We have added a product catalog. And the sellers have selected the products (Item) for each deal, and quantity. When we export the deals to look at product forecasting needs, the deals and quantity export; but not the product number from the catalog? This makes the download meaningless since we don't know which products are forecasted by deal. How do we export the sku/product?

I have been told this is not possible by support.  Why would we have the ability to create catalogs, and then select items by Deal, if we cannot also export this information?  We will need to export deals and then manually add the pet numbers to each deal in order to look at forecasted product demand. 

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    Hi @John Spencer 

    Thank you for sharing and I understand your request. I've added the "feedback & suggestions" tag to your post. This way it will land on the desk of our product managers. Hopefully we can improve this in the future!