Statistics need fixing - missing Weekly reports & budget/actual per time period.

Hello Pipedrive Team,

We are encountering issues with the new change in statistics. While they provide a few new features & reports that are helpful, they are lacking the very basic features that we had come to rely on and we are scrambling to replace these with custom excel spreadsheets etc, and it's impacting our sales team's focus. 

The key thing we need is: (a) To be able to track target/actual for leads, sales, and activities, for any given time period. I.e. I pull a report from the 17/01/2021 - 25/01/2021, and I expect the dashboard to morph my goals into that time frame and give me the budget that is expected to achieve for that time frame, and my actual results. This was what the old dashboard used to give us. 

Missing pieces:

  1. Can’t track weekly target/actual. Can track monthly, quarterly, or yearly, but not weekly. We can pull the stats weekly but it doesn’t have the target against it.
  2. When pulling stats against a goal, it only shows the time period that the goal was originally set up as, not the stats for the time period selected. For instance, if I pull the stats for one single day for telemarketing calls (which should show 3.5 calls as the daily target), it instead shows 1 call done, inside a monthly target of 70. It should show 1 against 3.5, instead shows 1 against 70. Very unreadable.
  3. I can only set up the goals to show one view (i.e. monthly) - if I want to pull a report of target/actual for the sales year-to-date, I have to rewrite the report for that, as it only gives it broken down into months, not totals, which then means we have to do manual calculations to figure out where we are against target.


The only workarounds we have at the moment, both not ideal, are: 

  1. To just view the monthly goals & take a measure of where we’re at in the month, and extrapolate where we should be. (i.e. we’re halfway through the month, so the bar should be half full)
  2. View the stats of what happened only (rather than the goals) and just have a list of what the goals should be so we can manually calculate “we’re at 30 calls, and it should be 50 for the week”.
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  • Seda
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    Hi @Rodney Doven !

    Thank you very much for the provided feedback! The goals feature that was released in December 2020 was the pilot project for tracking results against the goals. We will keep improving it and will add capabilities like:

    • Goal recalculation based on the chosen inteval (your point number 1 and 2)
    • Seasonality - having different targets for each interval
    • Leaderboard for users - being to see all users' goals from one view

    Regarding your point number 1 - you should be able to track your goal weekly as well. It sounds like a bug to me. Please approach our Support with this issue. 

  • Rodney Doven
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    Thanks @Seda 

    The key thing that matters for us at the moment is the Goal recalculation based on the chosen interval. That would fix most of our issues.

    The weekly option is now available, prior to this it was only showing down to the monthly option.