Correct format for Zapier Webhook POST Leads OBJECT Value

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Hi there

I apologise in advance if this post is short. But I wrote up a lengthy explanation and somehow it didn't get posted.

So what I am trying to do is take Gravity Form data and push into PD as a LEAD with as many fields filled. In particular I am wanting to add the value to the LEAD when it is created.

I get an error saying it is not an OBJECT. How can I create this OBJECT Value with my POST?


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    Hi @Daniel Clifford , I'm sorry to hear your previous post didn't get through.

    I've taken the liberty to add some additional relevant tags so it reaches more community members. 

    Because this is a more technical question, I recommend you post it in our Developers Community, where you'll find other users more familiar with API and these more technical "under the hood" aspects. 🚀

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