Wrong Translation: 'Exporting from the List View' in Korean version

Ted Youn
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I'm reporting a Korean translation error in 'Exporting from the List View' feature.

In the pipeline list view, I can click a three dot in the top right corner to select  the 'Export filter results...' menu.


In Korean version, however, it  is translated as '필터링 결과 내보내는 중...', which is incorrect. This is s a present participle as a compound form of the verb 'export' to show a continuous tense.


The correct translation will be '필터링 결과 내보내기...'.

Hope it helps.

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  • Clarissa Silvino
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    Hey @Ted Youn, thank you very much for letting us know this. 

    The best way to go with this would be to our Support team, via [email protected], as we'll be passing to our team. But, worry not, I'll do the same now. 

    (editing: I just checked you've reached our Support team and they've shared already the content. Once again, we appreciate).

    Meanwhile, have a great day.