Critical Export Facility not available in Pipedrive - Products

Apparently Pipedrive does not facilitate the export of Deals with their associated Products. This is very strange. Why would the developers not have foreseen that the Products associated with the Deals would have been important? The Deals can be exported without the Product name or ID. The same problem exists with imports. 

I am attempting to merge two businesses data onto 1 Pipedrive account, but I will have to leave so much information behind. This is so short-sighted and silly. 

My advice is do not to use the Product function in Pipedrive, but to use custom fields instead.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Tony Cresham 

    Regarding the product importing/exporting. I'll pass that on to our team. Sorry to hear that.

    Regarding migrating between Pipedrive accounts. You can also use Pipedrive's open API for this or use partners of Pipedrive such as Import2 to do that job for you, including products.