Implement Tabs! Stop Squeezing Everything in one Page & Layout

I'm honestly a little tired of how every little field and piece of data is always squeezed into the same one-page layout. It just makes things more complicated and reduces my ability to see the important information immediately (because everything becomes so cluttered). I suggest you implement tabs like salesforce has. That way we can start grouping information and spreading it over several "views/Tabs". 

What do I mean exactly? While viewing a deal, I would appreciate that instead of having each and every field listed on the left hand side, I could have tabs within the deal-view. That way I could list the most important fields on the first tab and other (less important information) in other tabs. E.g. the file I attached (puts details, activities, etc. in different tabs). It doesn't need to be a replica of this - but tabs as a way of categorising and de-cluttering would be fantastic.

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    Thank you for your honest feedback @Andreas Mose . We appreciate it and it helps us understand your expectations and user experience better.

    Currently there are no direct plans for something like that but the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again. Here’s how to get notified about what’s coming down the line:

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    Thank you for sharing and for your understanding!