Zwei kurze Fragen zu weiteren Möglichkeiten

Hallo Liebe Community, 

zwei kurze Fragen: Ist es irgendwie möglich, z.B. Discount X % auf Gesamtpreis zu hinterlegen und nicht nur auf Produktebene? 

Zweitens, kann ich irgendwo Kontaktperson als "inaktiv" markieren, da sich doch oft das 
Personalkarussell dreht. 

Dankeschön schon einmal. 




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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Christoph Donauer !

    You can create a custom field for People and use it to mark them as active/inactive, which will also allow you to easily filter them.

    Same thing goes for storing standard discount percentages on deals, but keep in mind that currently that won't make any calculations over the total value of the Products. For the time being, Pipedrive doesn't have calculation fields.

    By "Personalkarussell dreht" I believe you mean a "round robin" system: this can be achieved using some of the integration platforms in our Marketplace, like Zapier or Routerjet.

    Your fellow community member @Amit Sarda even wrote a tutorial on how to do this using Zapier, see here: Pipedrive: Automate Leads Assignment.

    That should make your life easier 🚀