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It would be nice if default fields such as probability and expected close date could be removed from the add deal dialogue because when a receptionist is creating a new deal it would be nice to only display the bare minimum fields that they need to fill out rather than having to leave some fields blank. If those fields are not set as required at that stage. 

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  • Inês Batata
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    Good news @Brad Krause , this is already possible!

    Have an Admin user go to Company Settings > Data Fields > Lead/Deal > Default Fields > pick the field you want  > Quality Rules > untick the box "Appears in ‘Add lead’ and ‘Add deal’ views". 🚀

    Explore how you can use this to also set up:

  • Hey @Inês Batata,

    I don't think this is possible for Probability and Expected close date. The checkboxes "Appears in ‘Add lead’ and ‘Add deal’ views" are not editable for those data fields.

    Why is that - is there any other way of getting them out of the 'Add lead/deal' view?