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This is about the banner that appears at the top of the screen when you have sent an email to us about a payment issue. It not very common and we resolve is quickly by making a payment on the card as soon as we get your email. 

Please stop putting that banner up! We have 100+ franchise owners that use this Pipedrive account and frankly it's embarrassing to HQ for you to do that.

If we have a payment situation at HQ, there is no need to notify all of the users! You send an email and that should be enough. 

As a SAAS company, we have subscriptions to hundreds of tools used in our software development and operational tools like Pipedrive. Every single one of those companies uses an email to notify of a payment problem. No one uses a banner. Please fix this.

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    Hi @Barb Newman , thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear this caused an awkward situation for your company.

    I understand your frustrations and will discuss your comments with our team and share your concerns.