Can't Use Autocomplete Custom Field Type to Segment

Mario from RoostUp
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I am trying to create a performance report for our dashboard using a custom segment, but apparently this field was created as an Autocomplete type. Not sure what that is (I didn't set this up), but it seems that you cannot segment by a custom field of this type.

Before I change the field type to one that can be segmented, can anyone explain what the rationale would be to use this autocomplete field type? We have many automations set up so understanding the implications of making this change would be helpful so that I don't break anything. (wishful thinking!) 




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    Hi @Mario Ricciardelli 

    An autocomplete field is just used to while typing give you options of previously filled values. You'd use that if single- or multiple option fields would get too many values.

    You can't unfortunately change the type of a field. You'd need to create a new field with the right type and migrate the data in it. This will also affect your automations and other set ups that are still with the old field. These now need to be edited to use the new field.

    Hope it helps.