Multiple pipelines and auto converting

Sebastien Nault
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Hey everyone,


I`m trying to resolve one headache :)


Have multiple pipelines for my deals, they are based on different cities. 

Tried setting up workflow automation to trigger auto converting from lead to deal and made it, but there is no chance I can define what pipeline deal should belong to. How can I resolve this? Thanks!


  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Oh boy, a different pipeline for each city that a deal is located in, Is that practical? Hoping that sales people don't have to switch from pipeline to pipeline, that would be annoying. 

    Seems like it would be a complicated workflow unless some 3rd party add-on already exists that can trigger automations based on location. Otherwise you would need to have an automation with many conditions to check. If zip code is xxxxx or zip code is xxxxx or zip code is xxxxx then 

    and I think you would need one of those for each pipeline. doesn't seem like a practical automation but maybe some else has something I'm missing. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    @Sebastien Nault 

    To add onto what Brad just said, I'd definitely not recommend a different Pipeline per city. Make sure you have one Pipeline and you can add a custom "address type" field to your deals. Here you can store the address thus the city and use filters to change views from city to city if needed.