Want to sell more on calls? Learn from the singers! 🎤🎶

Shobhit Gaur
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There are 3 major points for you to focus on - 


1 Volume of your pitch

2 Pacing of your pitch

3 Pitch Cadence

If any of these moves into extremes, your prospect will judge you as either under-confident sales noob or an obnoxious snake oil salesperson.

With the right volume, pacing, and pitch you will appear clear and confident with a hint of attractive urgency! But this is easier said than done, no pun intended. ;)

Your team needs to regularly listen to both successful and unsuccessful pitches in order to understand where you are going wrong and work towards fixing it. Outplay, gives you the ability to record your calls (with your prospect’s permission) and listen to them later. Plus, you can make calls from within the app itself. What are you waiting for? Try it out for free!

By the way, Outplay is the highest rated app for multi-channel sales outreach app on the Pipedrive Marketplace