Manual Sort Deals within a Deal Stage

I would like to be able to manually sort via drag and drop my deals inside a specific deal stage to keep the most important once on top. 

Is there a similar feature in the making?

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  • Brad Krause_13404
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    I know some people that would like that option. 

  • Paul Wood_29660
    Paul Wood_29660 Posts: 12
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    I agree. Its actually a serious oversight.

    Deals in each stage should have a variety of sorting options IMO. If you have rotting deals they should appear at the top. If you have high dollar deals they should also take priority. Manually moving them around is also needed as there might be two deals that are somewhat related to each other so moving them next to each other should be available. Please upvote this one

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Martin Pfeiffer and others, thanks for writing here. I'm going to make sure these comments get in front of the eyes of our Pipeline team ;) 

  • Peter Birch
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    + 1 for this - I have wanted this for a long time... I am so surprised it's not a feature as yet! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Moshe Miller
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    Hi @Martin Pfeiffer and others, thanks for writing here. I'm going to make sure these comments get in front of the eyes of our Pipeline team ;) 

    any update regarding this feature?  or has anyone found a workaround solution?

  • Travis Waycott
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    Surely this would be quite easy to do.  Even if you could sort by name/oldest rotting date/deal start date/deal value etc.  Sooooooo many options.

  • Ivanna Granelli
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    when is this feature coming - I need to sort alphabetically at least!!


  • John_54441
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    Simply echoing others in that I can't believe sorting deals within a stage was not in the alpha version.  Overall this is a great tool, but come on, that's basic.

  • David Piercy
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    Yes please - my team really needs this!

  • Kai Ren
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    Any updates?

  • John Neal
    John Neal Posts: 1
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    There is a workaround if you want to take the time to move each deal.  You can drag a deal to an adjacent stage and then drag it back to the bottom of the stage you are reordering.  So drag the deal you want to be at the top to the bottom of the stage and drag the next deal back and forth to the bottom and so on until you have reordered the deals in the stage.  One caveat, I don't know if Pipedrive will reorder the deals as you add scheduled activities.  So far, it has not reordered my deals by activity dates.

  • When this feature will be real? Last time I am not using too much Pipedrive because the important deals are located at the bottom, I don't see them and I prefer to write down in a paper to remember them.. sad but this is the situation..