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Hi PD community and PD team, 

we are facing several bugs with reports. Especially recurring revenue reports for subscriptions. 
Maybe other clients have the same issues. 

The following #bugs were detected: 

#ISSUE 1: 
We created a contact as well an organization. Then we created a deal with a yearly subscription starting in December 2019. 
When creating a recurring revenue report, we see the revenue only in the reports for December 2019 and December 2021 - but not in 2020. 

Attached you find screenshots. (BUGPD _26.1.2021.pdf)

When importing organizations, contacts and deals with a subscription (in our case a dataset of 300 organizations) only a few appear in the recurring revenue report. 

How we solved it: 
We went through every deal, deleted the subscription and added it again manually. Sometimes just an update of the subscription helped too. 

For some reason the recurring revenue report sometimes does not show the right values. We can't comprehend when a report will update or does it need some time? Do we have update the filter, reload the page or select a different timespan for the diagram (monthly, yearly, ... ) on the bottom of the diagram?  

Hopefully you can fix these issues. 

Thanks in advance


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    Hey @leafsystems !

    Vladimir from Pipedrive management team is here.

    I am sorry for the issues you are having with Insights as well as for the long reply.

    Usually Insights reports are updated within several minutes, but sometimes it can take around 30min for the new information to be shown.

    In regards to your deal with recurring revenue opened in 2020 - I hope you can address this to our support for them to check what can be the issue there! It would be great if you can take a screenshot from Deal details view (where subscription is visible) and a screenshot of the report you are composing that should contain details of these deals. Since there are many filters that can be applied to the reports - unfortunately it is very hard to say without having a proper look into it! Our support will also take a look at the imports' mapping.

    2. Insights display a lot of information and browsers sometimes have a hard time with these due to a simple reason - they try loading some of the data from browser cache rather then brand new numbers. First thing I would always recommend is to clear browser cache and cookies and try Incognito mode to check how the reports are working (also, some browser extensions can lead to the same outcome).

    You can contact support via [email protected] or using in-app chat!

    Also, we will be soon starting a mission to update recurring revenue feature.

    Meanwhile I hope you have a great day,

    Kind regards,