Anyone using Outlook add-on "Send Personally"?

Jeff McConnell
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It allows me to put many names in the “To” field in Outlook, then in the body use a salutation like, “Hello “ then type “%USERFIRSTNAME%,” hit “Send Personally” instead of “Send” and voila, from one email I have many emails sent, each with a customized “Hello {firstname},”.  Thus, each recipient gets their own email and has no idea I sent the exact same one to many other people.  

These used to attach individually to the correct Deals in Pipedrive.  A little over a year ago, something changed and now when I do this, Pipedrive randomly chooses one of the Deals to attach every single email to, instead of attaching them to the correct individual Deal with that associated contact.  

Customer support can only scratch their head and blame it on my Exchange Server.




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    Hi @Jeff McConnell 

    I can't speak for what's causing it unfortunately, support can better understand. However, have you tried our group email feature? It does exactly what you're looking for as well?