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Hello Pipedrivers! Does anyone know if email template insights are on the roadmap? We utilize email templates for our sales to reach their customers directly with simple customer focused email campaigns like thank you videos with branding, but right now the only way to report on how many were sent and which sales sent them is to manually count them.. Any solutions to this would be fabulous! 

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  • Adéla Kalkantová
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    I would love to see insights on my email templates too! Curious if there's anything upcoming.


    It's especially a bummer that I can see the insights for my open/click/receive but I cannot export any of the data to at least analyze in Excel or so...

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi there!

    Unfortunately it's currently not planned in the near term. It is definitely on our radar for future improvements, but no ETA for now.