Lead to Deal automation with source and tracking

7 peaks sales
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I will recommend to create a function that takes the source/label from the Lead and automatic apply that to the Deal when that's created. In that case we can create reports and track marketing initiatives instead of guessing the outcome of marketing campaigns. When it's automatic created from lead to deal, we can also minimize the risk of missing the source or any other manual mistakes that can occur in this process.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @7 peaks sales great suggestion! I've added the "feedback tag" to your post and will make sure this suggestion lands on the desks of our team.

  • Lea Weyermann
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    Hi @7 peaks sales  - thank you for bringing this topic up! We need exactly the same thing. What is your roundabout at the moment? Do you work with custom fields in deals? Thanks for your insight!

  • Jostein Aksnes
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    Looks like this is mostly fixed in the last release, where Leads now support custom fields, and the custom fields are carried over to the Deal once converted. 


    Labels are missing, but we only used labels as a work around for setting lead source etc, because of missing custom fields. 


    For us this can be closed.