Make it easier to Schedule Next Call/Activity on Mobile after getting a customer's voicemail

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Workflow Summary: I take action on a "Call" Activity from Pipedrive Mobile but get the client's voicemail.  I then need to set another activity with the same objective as the initial call.

Issue Details: I use my cellphone a lot to make calls while on the road.  I generally have Pipedrive Call Activities (i.e., not Pipedrive Dialer, but my cell) pre-planned and have notes (in the Pipedrive yellow Notes section) for what I need to speak to the customer about.  

When I call someone and they don't pick up (i.e., call ends in 1-2min b/c it went to voicemail), if would be very useful for the logging action in pipedrive mobile could give me an option to mark as "did not connect" or "got voicemail" and then automatically duplicate the call activity details into the "schedule next activity" page.  

Today, I have to manually make a note that I did not connect with the client.  And then, when I schedule the follow up, I have to re-enter the details.  As a result, I often don't log the 'missed call' activity and just change the date on the current activity.

Improving this would also help with Insights and statistics tracking to know how many of my calls result in connecting with a customer.

Are there any plans to improve the Mobile Dialer in this way?

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    Hi @Anish Patel 

    Currently I don't think it's in the near term plans but I'll highlight this to our team, perhaps they can re-prioritise.

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    Agree with this problem. This is one of the things that Hubspot integrated very good. If this is comming on the roadmap is the solution how Hubspot it has very helpfull.