Create deal in another pipeline automatically when marked as won

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New to Pipedrive.  I can't figure out how to create a new deal in my Commissions pipeline when I mark a deal as 'Won'.  Suggestions? 


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    With an automation? I did this once and it was pretty complicated. It involved creating a custom field in deal details named ' copy to xyz pipeline' where yes was the option. if that didn't exist then any time a deal was duplicated it would move it since you need to use the word 'copy' as an identifier of what to move. and was chosen before marking the deal as won. Then you have to use a deal status has changed operator. Then it duplicated the lead. Then if the word copy was in the deal name it would move it to the other pipeline. 


    Good luck! It's doable. 


  • I think the following will work:


    Trigger: Deal Updated

    Condition: Deal Status has changed AND Deal Status is Won

    Action: Create Deal

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    @Derek just tagging you here to make sure you see this.

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    @Derek just tagging you here to make sure you see this.

    Awesome! Thank you for following up.  I'll give this a shot, Mike.