Why no boolean (yes/no or single checkbox) custom field type?

Steve Robinson_992
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I'm working on integrating with a marketing automation system. In the marketing automation platforrm, there's a boolean field called "Marketing Suspended" which, when true/yes/checked, means that the person stops getting all marketing. 

I wanted to put a custom field on the person record in Pipedrive, but my only option is to create a single-select and give it the options of "Yes" and "No", which really complicates the integration.

It seems like the lack of a boolean type is a conscious design decision on the part of Pipedrive. Could anyone clue us into why Pipedrive made this decision and how they expect a use case like toggling someone as marketing OK vs marketing not OK should work?

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  • Brad Krause_13404
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    I thought about that the other day and being someone that has zero coding or database programing understanding assumed it has something to do with database structure. But I just assumed. 

  • Nancy Vamvakas
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    PD's field times are rather rudimentary and lacks anything sophisticated.   When we started 5 years ago, Zapier did all the heavy lifting with regards to triggering off field-values.  .. Now with PD Workflow Automations, we have been able to offload some of the simpler tasks. 

    I can't see any opportunities in the near term for this to change and on a positive side, Zapier allows us to work with data across a complete workflow of which PD is a central element (but not the only element). 

    We are even able to use Zapier with some webhook calls together with a tad bit of JS scripting, to keep our e-commerce store's order module in sync with our PD pipeline workflow. 

    My advice if you haven't already, is to visit Zapier as it is a powerful platform that is approachable for power-business-users and it is well supported across a milieu of disparate SASS providers products. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Steve Robinson 

    To add on to what Brad and Nancy said above I'll pass on this feedback to our team. We have a team working in the Marketing area right now so this should be valuable feedback for them, thanks for sharing!

  • Steve Robinson_992
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    Thanks, @Mike van der Valk !

    @Nancy Vamvakas  Zapier is super powerful and we do use it for a lot of things, but synchronization of records between systems is not it's strength, so leverage the built-in integration within Mautic, the marketing automation platform we and our clients use. This is one of the few pain points, and the only one that the deficiency appears to be on the Pipedrive side.

  • jonathansimmons
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    Circling back nearly two years later. Is there still no solution for this?