Automation to create SalesDocs

How good it would be to automate the sales doc creation?

I see at least 2 scenarios in my business that would benefit immediatly from this possibility:

  1. Every time deal is updated with products and values, the salesdoc "quote" is automatically created
  2. Each time a deal is won, we create a salesdoc with details related to the deal / person / organization / owner that we call "pre-populated work order"

Currently the workfow automation allows actions related to Leads/Deals/Person/Organization/Activity/Email, but SalesDocs are not available so we cannot define action to automatically create documents. It would be really usefull for us

SalesDocs option missing in workflow automation


@Users: Please share if you also see added value in this functionality.

@Pipedrive: let us know if this makes sense, if technically possible/or to be considered.


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    Great suggestion @Miguel Carvalho I can see that our team working on it has internally already taken some notes to consider this for the future ;) can't promise anything unfortunately but we've seen your suggestion!