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Hi guys,

I setup an initial automated email response to new deals but how can I trigger a follow up email to people who did not answer to the initial email after 7 days in an automated way?

I know I can setup an activity which would remind me but I don't want to manually go into every lead but have an email sent automatically to inactive/non responsive leads after 7 days.




  • Andrus Purde
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    There's a thread here that suggests this is not yet doable with workflow automation.

    But this would be super easy to do with a tool like Outfunnel. You activate a multi-email sequence and define in sequence setting that the campaign should stop if the recipient replies or clicks. 

  • Mislav Starčević
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    You can set automation for example: when you mark the activity as done - send an email follow-up.

  • Jake Kushner (JLK)
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    @Manuel Oliveira here is another duplicate thread about email followups if no reply