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Let's suppose a created a deal called ABC in Sep 2019. This deal was changed to Negotation Started in December, 2nd 2019 and WON in February,3rd 2020.

f I go to Insights (Beta), in the FUNNEL CONVERSION chart, with dates between 2-Feb and 7-Feb, I see ABC accounted in all bars: "Lead In", "Contact Made", ..., "Proposal Made", "WON". Although it is true that ABC was won between Feb 2 and Feb 7, it is not true that BMC was moved to Contact Made between Feb 2 and Feb 7.

Pipedrive does that: since that ABC was won in Feb 3rd, it appears in the WON bar, but it is also accounted in the other bars as well (example: Contact Made) because this Funnel Conversion is CONSIDERING ONLY DEALS WON or LOST between those FEB 2 and FEB 7. Is that correct?

I need a different kind of Funnel Conversion chart: in the Contact Made bar, only the deals converted to Contact Made between Feb 2 and Feb 7; in Proposal Made, only the deals onverted to Proposal Made between Feb 2 and Feb 7; and so on...

How can I obtain a chart like this?





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    @Seda could you help Julio understand why this is happening or what to do about it when working with reports and insights?

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    Hi @Julio Hirose and thank you for your feedback!

    You are right, Funnel conversion does move all won deals throughout stages. That's why we call it "Funnel", as to win a deal it has to go through whole funnel, thus pipeline. It was also done because our research results showed that even of deal was marked as won earlier, then tasks related to further stages as still being done and user simply forget to move deals forward. I can be honest with you, that was a difficult decision to make.

    There is still a way to see the win and loss rates from each stage. For that click "Win/loss" tab in your conversion report and then group your results by "Stage" field. I am adding a screenshot for you.

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