Email Sidebar Customisation

I get lots of sales emails every day, about 50. Negotiations are 100% done via email. What I would love is when an email comes in is too see more client info on the sidebar. Idealy the custom fields that I created for customers

Is it an existing customer or a cold lead? Now I have to open another window to see so. I would love some of the custom fields that I created and use on the customer window to be displayed on the email sidebar. I heavily rely on pricing that I have agreed with customers and it would be great if in a glance I can see it. Especially as most of my sidebar real estate is not used. And it would be even better if the custom fields make it to the Gmail extension. Dealing with emails in Pipedrive is clunky and slow, plus the email formatting is terrible. Luckily for Pipedrive I have not found a better solution yet.

Below my current email sidebar within Pipedrive. Lots of empty screen real estate. A lot of functions I don't use but others might use.


Below is an example of what I would love to see in the sidebar - this is my poor photoshop. A lot of customisable fields.

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