Looking to hire someone to help with Documents Beta set up.

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Needing someone for 2-3 documents that need to be converted from our design to Google Doc design (using the “Documents beta” in PipeDrive under “deals”) with merging fields from PipeDrive into the templates that you will be creating inside of the Google Doc like design and editor.  

You must be familiar with Creating Merge Templates inside of PipeDrive thru the Google Drive add-on that they’ve offered for this now over 6 months. Must be able to design corporate documents with our color pallet and direction.  The merge fields will need to be formated to our design once they’re created.

The hardest step that we’ve had trouble with is merging our corporate “Products” or “Product Table” inside of PipeDrive to the PipeDrive Document Template for our Marketing Services Agreement and Our Proposals.

We’ve already got the products created and our Proposal Created inside of Google Docs. Still need our MSA recreated with our fonts, color pallet, and the merge fields from PipeDrive.

Lastly, this will definitely require an extensive history in PipeDrive as we’re not equipped to teach someone how to function within the CRM itself though we utilize it daily for 2 years now.

Completion of 2 documents inside of PipeDrive Docs as Templates including revamping the designs.- 

The attached CLIKdata Proposal Template is the fonts and overall look we desire and simply needs to be adapted inside of “PipeDrive Docs” to merge all the correct fields and product table without taxes plus including each product discount with a subtotal, discount total, and Total.- 

The attached CLIKdata_MSA needs to be created using a refreshed look and fonts similar to the Proposal only with all the correct merge fields within PipeDrive Docs.

- The attached Screen Shot is for reference inside of PipeDrive.

MUST HAVE PIPEDRIVE DOCS EXPERIENCE from Creation to Merging and Corporate document design experience as well.