Notification Center for missed a task/call/follow-up - to save money for companies, and find missed

Edvard Posts: 2

It would be great to create a Notification center that will notify if an agent/user missed a task/call/follow-up.

And if the manager could receive a notification if his agent/user/employees didn't respond and closed the missed task/call/follow-up - It will help a lot to find missed leads and save for company much money! 

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    The Pipedrive native dialer is only for outbound calls - so there's no way for the tool to know about missed calls. 

  • Edvard
    Edvard Posts: 2
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    I mean task/ follow-up of a call. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Edvard thanks for sharing, I've passed it on to our team!