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Our team has revenue from both recurring revenue and one-time commissions. The issue we have run into is that we are not able to view this all on one report. The recurring revenue is scheduled quarterly and it shows on the recurring revenue report, but when we look at the revenue forecast, it aggregates it into one payment which throws off our projections for the month.  Would love to see Pipedrive have the ability to include a report which allows us to see the revenue coming in when it is scheduled along with all of the other sources of revenue.

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    Hi @Jake Ritter 

    Thanks for sharing. I've added the "feedback" tag to your post so that our team sees it ;) 

  • We really really need this type of reporting to be available within Pipedrive.

    I am trying to upvote this as opposed to posting a new topic.

    Here's a simple use case to illustrate with a fictitious product spanning a duration attached to a deal.

    We have a deal that spans a 12 month duration via product called Support

    500 per month for 12 months, so I would off 500 per month for the next 12 months affected.

    Currently all I see is 12*500 (6K) for the month we close the deal

    This doesn't make sense.

    Value for products without a duration, then the value makes sense

    Products with a duration, then the value should be month one (deal closing) at $500, month two (plus one month of deal closing) at $500, etc up to 12


    If the deal product duration changes at a later date, they cancel, then the value would change and so to would the revenue attributed for the change on the given months.

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    recurring revenue is also not exportable without tools like flatly..And infinite subscriptions only last for 2 years.