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Hi community,

A quick suggestion on a problem I've encountered regarding the propose times link sent to customers to book calls with sales.  

You should give us the option to make it a one time thing, since they can use the link to book multiple times, it can mess up a schedule.  (The link can be used by the client to book as many times as he/She likes) This can create a problem.

Thank you

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  • Tibor Liktor
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    +1 from me.

    Clients tend to no to cancel the meeting if they change their minds but book new ones.

    (don't want to hijack the thread but, the customization of the outboud meeting invitation would be nice, too)

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Lorenzo Cava and @Tibor Liktor thanks both for sharing! Passed it on to the product team!