WANTED AUTOMATION based on entries that are made by Leadfeeder

Markus Funk
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Starting Point 

Leadfeeder tracks the visits of the website. Whenever a followed company (in Leadfeeder) visits your site it creates an entry for that visit.


 If the company visiting is also an organization/deal known in Pipedrive, this visit information will be automatically transferred to the organization as a NOTE entry (Screenshot)


Based on the note that has been created by Leadfeeder in Pipdrive I want to setup an automation that informs me every time this happens:

  • An automation that sends an Alert telling me that this entry was made


  • An Automation that creates a task to look up the deal /organization
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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Markus Funk 

    Super interesting idea. I've added the "feedback" tag to this post and passed it on to some people internally who are working in these areas.