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Hi Everybody,

I have the following case:

  • My Pipedrive is connected with my Gmail
  • I divided our pipelines in "Hunt Sale" and "Organic Sale"
  • Organic sale = A potential customer that creates a trial account on our website without us knowing him/her
  • They appear in Pipedrive automatically (one of our developers built that)
  • The day they appear in Pipedrive I sent them an email by template (not automated), something like: "welcome to our tool, we are ..., if you need a demo please let us know"
  • After that first email I move them to the stage "Contact Made"

What I want to automate:

  • After X days of not responding to that first email, I want to send them an automated reminder/follow-up (email)
  • After that automated reminder I want them to be moved automatically to the second stage "second attempt"
  • Important is that when they do respond, the reminder email won't be send
  • If they don't reply after X days then, I want to move them to a stage called "no reply"

With my previous company we used Salesforce. I know when you have Salesforce you can implement the app Groove. Groove lets you build salesflows that does exactly the thing I've just described.

Is the workflow I described something that's possible within Pipedrive "workflow automation" already? Or is there an add-on available?

Thanks in advance,



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    This should be possible with a combination of Zapier + Mailchimp.

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    Hi Karel,

    These workflows can be completely automated using Klenty as it has the best native integration with Pipedrive.

    It has playbooks which allows you to automate follow ups based rules like, not opened, moved deal stage, etc. 

    Pls read this customer case-study for more details -

    Hope this is helpful.

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