Automatic emails in workflow automation

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Hi Everybody,

I have the following case:

  • My Pipedrive is connected with my Gmail
  • I divided our pipelines in "Hunt Sale" and "Organic Sale"
  • Organic sale = A potential customer that creates a trial account on our website without us knowing him/her
  • They appear in Pipedrive automatically (one of our developers built that)
  • The day they appear in Pipedrive I sent them an email by template (not automated), something like: "welcome to our tool, we are ..., if you need a demo please let us know"
  • After that first email I move them to the stage "Contact Made"

What I want to automate:

  • After X days of not responding to that first email, I want to send them an automated reminder/follow-up (email)
  • After that automated reminder I want them to be moved automatically to the second stage "second attempt"
  • Important is that when they do respond, the reminder email won't be send
  • If they don't reply after X days then, I want to move them to a stage called "no reply"

With my previous company we used Salesforce. I know when you have Salesforce you can implement the app Groove. Groove lets you build salesflows that does exactly the thing I've just described.

Is the workflow I described something that's possible within Pipedrive "workflow automation" already? Or is there an add-on available?

Thanks in advance,