Pipedrive Included in the Sparkasse Berlin Recommended Software List 🏦

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Pipedrive has been included by German Bank Sparkasse Berlin among the recommended software that are especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies that seek to support their growth through digitization.

Sparkasse Berlin introduced a free digitization check for small and medium-sized companies to determine their individual level of digitization. This tool helps companies to identify the areas where they are already well positioned and in which there is still room for improvement. For areas that can still be improved, Sparkasse offers digital solutions. Pipedrive is among the solutions offered for sales and CRM software.

“Being recognized by Sparkasse Berlin is an honor for Pipedrive and a great way to raise awareness amongst small and medium-sized companies in Germany. Their sales and marketing teams would benefit the most from Pipedrive’s strong product offering as they digitize their businesses in order to grow,” says @Michael Schrezenmaier , co-CEO of Pipedrive.

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