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I am not sure if this is the right platform to share this, but I have found a bug when sorting leads by label. Inside the Leads Inbox it sorts just fine. However, if you click on "Leads Archive" and then sort by label, the web client suddenly shows you the leads inbox instead of the leads archive, even though the URL still contains "/archived." 

The workaround I have found is to first apply a label filter while on the Inbox tab, and then click on the Archive tab in order to see the archived leads sorted by label. 

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    Hello Ryan!
    ​This is Diana from Pipedrive Support Management Team - nice to meet you :)

    I was hoping you could reach us out through the chat located on the question mark (top right corner of Pipedrive). This way we can have a better understanding of your description and understand if this is expected or not. Feel free to share screenshots to illustrate the issue as well.