Give sound notifications for new live chat incoming/live chat message

Instead of just a pop-up, we could do with sound notifications along with the pop-up.

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  • Mike van der Valk
    Mike van der Valk Posts: 4,376 PIPEDRIVE PRODUCT MANAGER
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    Thanks @Carl O'Malley for sharing, I've made sure our team sees this suggestion.

  • Yves Reymond
    Yves Reymond Posts: 2
    edited June 2021 #3

    An own Pipedrive  Chat Pop-up would be great as the window notification sound or Pop-up, is too short. (Sound only once). Why not look in Chat apps which already do so? As well responding in the pop-up etc. 

  • Savvy Management Team
    edited May 2021 #4

    we cant make it make a sound at all has anyone managed to find a way around this?


  • Adam Strohl
    Adam Strohl Posts: 1
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    THIS!  I honestly don't see how live chat is useful without a 'ringing' notification in the pipedrive interface, like every other chat solution has for agents.

    A fleeting browser notification is easily missed.

  • Jim Edward Caudell
    edited June 2021 #6

    What NO sound? How is this chat even useful? There's NOTHING more frustrating than missing a hungry lead because you "missed" a notification. I +1 this request.

  • Jonathan Berube
    Jonathan Berube Posts: 1
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    Is there any update on this Pipedrive team?  Without this the function is useless?

  • Raul_47457
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    Is there any update on this Pipedrive team?  Without this the function is useless?

    I Agree!