Dogfooding - Pipedrive employees might want to try it

Why are Pipedrive employees sending me email marketing with links to Calendly??????!

I have been trying to use the propose time feature as an alternative to Calendly and I see that Pipedrive employees don't even use it. That is really frustrating!

Is pipedrive using Mailigen to send these emails?

What would really help all of us in the community is to show us how Pipedrive employees use Pipedrive for marketing.




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    Hi @John Shelburne , we appreciate your feedback and I've made sure to forward it internally for consideration in future developments. More on that ahead.

    I can tell you that we do dogfood our products not just to simulate real-life use but also for our actual day-to-day work: for example, our Research and Product teams use Scheduler to book times with users. 

    Our Customer Success and Sales teams have a different use case, which revolves around managing/assigning accounts and activities to the team members, in which we know the Scheduler currently falls short for not offering a round-robin system and team calendars (yet!). We are humble enough to recognize when these limitations exist but also have plans to work on them in the future, so stay tuned. For Scheduler this year, we want to:

    • Improve customization and branding
    • Integrate with video-conferencing
    • Add round-robin option

    When we acquired Mailigen we had already been using an email marketing and automation tool that had our processes in place. After analysing the issue, we decided that we want to do that considerable internal transition in a single swoop, so we will do it after we've concluded the same product rebuilds and added functionalities that our users will and already benefit from. And when you reach out to Customer Support for help with Mailigen, we've got you.

    I hope this transparency makes things clearer for you and trust us when we say we wouldn't design or release a feature that we didn't think was beneficial for our users - that wouldn't be a smart use of our time or resources. ;)

    So there's a lot to be excited about. Here’s how to get notified about what’s coming down the line:

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