Notifications on assigned activities


we regularly edit activities of other users or assign activities to them. It is important that those users find out that a new activity was assigned to them or someone else changed an activity which is assigned to them.

Strange that such an important standard feature is not there yet.


In the meantime, I tried to help myself with workflow automation. But there, the success is limited:

  • What works, but only temporarily, as it clutters the email outbox of the connected account and the inbox of the assigned users:
    • On new activity, for which assigned person is not the created person, send email to assigned person.
    • On activity change, if assigned user changes, send email to assigned person
  • What does NOT WORK
    • On activity change, if modify user IS NOT the assigned user (another user modifies anything about an appointment assigned to another user=
    • => not possible, because workflow condition has no field on modified by, only created by and assigned to.


As suggestions for the respective teams:

  • Make activity notifications about assignments and changes of other people in an assigned activity a standard feature! (Including In-Browser, Mobile-Push, and/or Mail Notification)
  • Add the Workflow condition: "Modified by"
  • Add Workflow actions for Notifications (in Salesassistant), Push-Notifications in the App, and E-Mail Notifications (sended by pipedrive system) which do not clutter ones outbox


Best, Phil

@Nuno Oliveira @Evelina  

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