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Suggestion - please send to your engineers: Team Pipe Drive. From our Team members: <<< Do you know what would be amazing to have in PD? The ability to colored code the emails that are most important ie: an email with vendor quote goes "Green", our firm quotes goes "orange" so you don't have to be reading every email to know which one is which. You just look for the colors and that's it. >>>>>

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    Hi @Peter Carruth , thank you for your suggestion! I can see how those visual clues would be useful and I've sent it internally to give our teams thinking points to be considered in the future.

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    Yes, this is a big one.   We have so many live projects that start as 

    • lead, then we accept
    • Then we send RFQ out to our Vendors 
    • Then we get them
    • then we quote
    • Then we get a PO
    • then there is purchasing
    • Then invoicing and accounting.

    So we like to have a little drop down like this to color code our emails to  above subjects.