Leads Inbox - no organization capabilities yikes!

Hi Team.  Excited about Lead Inbox so I've set my team up on it, great way to work on outbound, something that's been missing from Pipedrive, to have a way to work with leads before they become deals.  However, to my surprise I discovered that it's not possible to create custom labels, or custom Source names, or  anything.  This means, as far as I can see, there is no way to organize your leads as a sales person.  For example, to keep organized it's critical to be able to display only certain leads at one time, so you can start at the top and go down the list and call or reach out to them.  Let's say I want to call on all my Texas leads because I know it's 2pm CST, a good time to call there.  I have no way to do that! Or if I want to call all the leads I entered from a conference I just attended and entered into Pipedrive.  No can do! Know what I mean?  

Once again, really surprised there's no way to organize your leads as a sales rep - we can't use this Leads Inbox as a result, it's chaos.  It's like having an excel spreadsheet of leads and not being able to use any of the very basic excel functions like sorting, etc.  And so...we will be much better off just using spreadsheets to organize our leads, which seems silly doesn't it?

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  • Nick Bianco
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    I shared the same frustration with a customer service rep not too long ago and he told me they were working on building out the functionality you're describing. 

    We came up with a bit of a workaround by simply using the Contacts/People database. I am religious about adding leads on the day they come in and also adding their lead source.  So I use the filters in the contacts section to filter by the lead source or date entered and come up with the info you're referring to.  You'll just have to set the lead source to "Texas Lead" or "Texas Conference" or however you refer to them.  I'm sure you could add a custom field in there and filter by the custom field if you didn't want to mess with your current lead source info.

    Hope that helps!

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Edward Lazaruk 

    Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback. As Nick said above, we're working on it. Leads is still pretty new for us at Pipedrive and we have a whole team dedicated to this area and improving it this and the next years. Stay tuned!