Ability to assign fields from Smart Contact Data on People and Organizations directly and allow thos

The majority of my contacts are people I know from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social channels. It isn't even a question of knowing the right email address to use for a contact, I might not even know an email address at all for most of my contacts!

I have taken to trying to find a valid email address for people in some cases and that seems to work OK once in awhile. However, often times those email addresses show up with different social media links or only part of them.

If I know this person's Twitter account, and that's all I know about that, I know I can just add a new field called "Twitter" for people and organizations, but I still can't use the smart contact data (from what I can tell) since that still relies on me having an email address.

I also deal with a lot of brand and company accounts where my only contact with them might be their Twitter account. For companies things are even worse as it requires you to add a person with an email address in the right domain before I can get any Smart Contact Data to do anything.

At this point it feels like I need to either ignore Smart Contact Data entirely and build it all out by hand using custom fields or ... just live with having to try to track down email addresses and if I don't get the right [Twitter|LinkedIn|Instagram|Facebook] account I just live with it.

I think I get that sales is traditionally email/phone oriented, and I'd like to get to the point I'm at least doing more via email. At the same time, I'm pretty far from that and I'd love to be able to do more with social leads.

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    I think the ability to copy over the data from Smart Contact Data into PD fields would be  helpful 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing in such detail @Beau Simensen currently we don't have someone working actively on this but I'll make sure our teams are aware of this request once we loop back to the smart contact data feature.