What Document Formats can be imported into the "Documents Beta"?

I am attempting to import a PDF file via the "Import Document" tab in  Document Beta function. Pipedrive does not recognize PDF file formats and will only allow me to MS or Google format files. Is this correct and if so is there a work around?


Many thanks.

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    @Natasha can you help here perhaps? 

  • Natasha Kupusovic
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    Thanks, @Mike van der Valk

    Hi @Robert O Donnell! I'm one of the product managers working on the Sales Documents feature. 

    You're right, currently you have to connect to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account to use this feature. You can only import documents from your connected Google Drive or OneDrive account. The only workaround would be creating a document with the same information as your PDF file. I've made a note of your request to upload PDFs to our backlog for exploring. 

    I hope that information helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or doubts!